Lapolla spray foam insulation in the highlands & aberdeenshir

Spray Foam For Home Owners

Improve thermal efficiency, reduce heating bills, save money

achieve maximum u-values from your homes insulation

Lapolla closed cell spray foam provides homeowners and domestic clients with a highly effective insulation solution for properties of all types. Our product is quick to apply, provides maximum air-tightness over traditional insulations and bonds instantly to soffits, loft, walls, floor spaces and more.

Is your property effectively insulated?

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Closed-cell spray foam insulation is one of the most efficient insulating materials commercially available.

And open-cell spray foam insulation is a performance upgrade over conventional insulation that leads to energy efficiency, improved occupant comfort, a cleaner indoor environment and greater noise reduction for building and home owners.

Lapolla spray foam insulation can be easily applied to existing properties to improve their thermal effectiveness, helping to reduce energy loss, reduce the movement of cold, damp air into your property and reducing your heating bills considerably.

Due to ease and quickness by which Lapolla spray foam can be installed it also reduces hassle and inconvenience for homeowners. Our skilled tradesmen can complete most insulation projects in a fraction of the time that traditional insulations take to install.

Contact us to arrange a consultation where we can assess your existing property for opportunities to leverage all of the benefits of Lapolla closed cell spray foam insulation.

retrofit Lapolla Sprayfoam into existing properties, replacing or complimenting existing insulation

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Our expert consultants bring years of experience together with impeccable workmanship to deliver outstanding results in applying flexible, highly effective insulation solutions in domestic properties of all types. Lapolla spray foam reduces air flow, reduces moisture flow and provides industry leading air tightness.

Reduce build times

Spray foam insulation can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional insulation, reducing the downtime for other trades working around our team of installers. Quick curing times and no gas-offs means that other tradesmen can get back to work quickly and safely work around even freshly installed spray foam. This reduction in down time helps to keep costs down and improves the chances of meeting timescales and moving into yourwarm, well insulated home at the earliest opportunity!

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